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What We Manufacture? 

We manufacture polycarbonate sheets from resin supplied by leaders in the resin manufacture from around the globe. NAMAN POLYCOAT sheets are manufactured by using UV blended resins and with 50 microns UV coating over the sheet in either both surface or over top surface as required by the special application and as required by the customers. Sheets with UV coating are best suitable to use for external or exposed roofing application with 10 years of limited warranty. The UV coated surface is identified with printing marks over the film and special manufacturer identified marking over the sheets. Due to their relative lightweight and high impact strength, they are convenient to store, handle and install. NAMAN Polycoat Solid Sheets are also available in two other textures. These are widely used for indoor as well as outdoor applications. We deal with Solid, Embossed and Diamond textured Sheets. Our product thickness ranges from 1.5mm to 12mm. We have width of 1220mm/2100mm, and different lengths as per demand.

The provided colors are

1. Clear

2. White

3. Bronze

4. Blue

5. Red

6. Green

7. Greenish Blue

8. Grey

Other colors are available on request.



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