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Why Hot Rolled?

Hot rolled steel coils and sheets/plates are prominent in the manufacturing industry due to their exceptional durability and versatility. During the hot rolling process, steel is heated above its recrystallization temperature and then passed through rollers, which results in a consistent thickness and surface finish. This process imparts several crucial features to hot rolled steel. It's known for its superior strength and formability, making it suitable for applications demanding structural integrity. Additionally, hot rolled steel has excellent weldability, rendering it valuable for various construction and engineering projects.

Available Products.

HR Coils

HR Sheets/Plates

Upto 1500mm1.6mm – 110mm2500mm / 5000mm / 6300mm & as per requirement
Upto 2000mm1.6mm – 25mm2500mm / 5000mm / 6300mm & as per requirement

Discover excellence in Hot rolled coils, and sheets/plates.

The uses of hot rolled steel are extensive. It's commonly employed in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other structural components due to its robustness. In automotive manufacturing, it's utilized for frame components and structural parts. Hot rolled steel is also essential in the production of pipelines, machinery, and industrial equipment, where its strength and ease of fabrication are crucial. Moreover, it's a key material in the manufacturing of containers, pipes, and general engineering applications.

Versatility, precision, and excellence in our hot rolled steel features.

Hot rolled steel's features, including its strength, formability, and weldability, make it an ideal choice for applications demanding structural integrity. Its consistent thickness and surface finish contribute to its widespread use in various industries, from construction to automotive, where reliability and versatility are paramount.

& Grades.


Cold Rolling
<br>& Galvanizing

Cold Rolling
& Galvanizing

Hot rolled steel's malleability is advantageous for cold rolling and galvanizing processes, enhancing product quality and surface finish.

Drawing <br>& Press Forming

& Press Forming

Hot rolled steel's ductility facilitates precise drawing and press forming, resulting in intricate shapes and fine details for various applications.

Electrical Stampings<br>& Forming

Electrical Stampings
& Forming

Hot rolled steel's magnetic properties enhance electrical stampings, ensuring efficient energy transfer and precise forming for electrical components.

Welded Tubes<br>& Pipes

Welded Tubes
& Pipes

Hot rolled steel's uniform thickness and excellent weldability make it ideal for producing sturdy, reliable welded tubes and pipes.

<br>& General Engineering

& General Engineering

Hot rolled steel's strength, malleability, and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred choice for structural and general engineering applications.

High Tensile
<br>Structural Applications

High Tensile
Structural Applications

Hot rolled steel's high strength & superior load-bearing capacity are vital for demanding high-tensile structural applications, ensuring structural integrity.

Chequered Sheets & Plates for Structural Use

Chequered Sheets & Plates for Structural Use

Hot rolled steel's durability and uniform surface make it a reliable choice for chequered sheets and plates in structural applications.

HSLA Grade for Automobile & Other Engineering Applications

HSLA Grade for Automobile & Other Engineering Applications

Hot rolled steel's strength, formability, and cost-efficiency are vital for HSLA grades used in automobiles and various engineering applications.

Boiler Tubes
<br>& Pressure Vessels

Boiler Tubes
& Pressure Vessels

Hot rolled steel's uniformity and high-temperature strength are crucial for manufacturing reliable boiler tubes and pressure vessels in industrial settings.

Line Pipes <br>& LPG Cylinders

Line Pipes
& LPG Cylinders

Hot rolled steel's toughness and corrosion resistance are essential for producing durable line pipes and LPG cylinders for various applications.

Our hot rolled products also undergo higher reductions in finishing stands, making them adaptable to various applications, from structural engineering to automobile manufacturing and more. Explore our Hot Rolled Products for superior quality and performance.

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